Saturday, February 11, 2012

Top Jazz Songs at Lantaw

Some say jazz music is for intelligent people. Been singing professionally for almost six years now and I'm so grateful to have a band with all the top musicians in Cagayan de Oro. Blacknotes Band being the only jazz band in CDO plays at Lantaw Cagayan every weekend.

Here are some top jazz tunes and most requested songs at Lantaw:

   1. Through The Fire- from Chaka Khan's 1984 album I Feel For You which was co-produced by David Foster. This song stayed at Billboard Top 100 Hits for almost nine consecutive weeks.

   2. Better Days - composed and performed by Dianne Reeves. The song tells about a grown up child telling story about her grandmother. This has been a very common contest piece for singing competitions. Not only that the song's melody is quite hard, it also requires a high vocal range for you to be able to sing it.

   3. Waters of March - Aguas de Marco in Portuguese. This song was originally composed in Portuguese by Antonio Carlos Jobim. The song's real inspiration is during the rainy months of Rio de Janiero during March.

   4. Time and Tide - of course written and performed by the famous Polish jazz icon -Basia. This song is included in her debut album Time and Tide.

   5. Girl from Ipanema (Garota de Ipanema ) -a very famous bossanova song composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Among all versions covered- Astrud Gilberto's cover was the very famous. It tells about a guy singing for a Brazilian girl whom he loved though the girl doesn't even know him.

   6. Beyond the Sea -popularized by Bobby Darin. This song was originally French with its original title La Mer by Charles Trenet. He wrote this song in just ten minutes in ta rain during one of his travels in the French Middeteranean Coast.

   7. Shaker Song - originally an instrumental by Spyro Gyra. Manhattan Transfer made a cover of this tune.

   8. Feel So Good - under Chuck Mangione's album Feel So Good, this track was released in 1977 and made it No. 4 in the US Charts.

   9. Gold - a very famous hit in the 80's by Spandau Ballet.

  10. Wild Flower - performed by the one time one hit Bad - The Skylark wherein David Foster was one of the members of the bad.

  11. Para Sa Akin - an OPM song sung by the bossanova princess Sitti Navaro in her Bossa Cafe Album

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