Saturday, February 11, 2012

Where Can I Hear Live Jazz Music?

Jazz is a dying breed of music. Today's genre of music has drifted from the classics and ran towards rap, pop, and rock and roll. Jazz will never be forgotten though. Jazz music is some of the greatest American music to this day.*The other day I was wondering where I can hear live jazz music? So I did some investigating to find out some options for those classic jazz lovers.

Jazz is still popular world wide, but you have to really look in some areas to find what you are looking for. Some times it is just best to go back to where jazz grew up. Get back to the roots of music itself to find some great jazz classics. Kansas City, Boston, and New Orleans are three major cities that pride themselves on their great jazz clubs. At these clubs you can hear live performances of originally made jazz music and live renditions of your favorite jazz artists from the past. Jazz clubs are a great place to have a few drinks and just step into a time machine. Jazz music is music with a soul of its own and gave birth to many new styles of music today.

Others have asked me, "Where can I live jazz music without leaving the house?" This is a very good question and not to difficult to answer either. If you want to hear the live styles of your favorite jazz musicians you can always look up some great jazz stations on your radio. It may not be as great as hearing them live and in person, but you can still hear great live performances from the comfort of your own home. Some of these radio stations can really bring jazz to life and by closing your eyes you can actually feel like you are at a true jazz concert with your favorite oldies.

Jazz is a style of music that really moves people. It is really catchy and great to move your feet to. A lot of major cities in America have areas commemorated to the time of jazz. In Chicago, one of my favorite places where I can hear live jazz music, you can hear great musicians playing jazz on nearly every street corner. Jazz has a lot of heart and will never really die and definitely will never be forgotten. You can find people on corners with their saxophone case open on the sidewalk as people leave donations while they play away the blues.

Jazz will forever go down in history as one of the greatest styles of music ever created. As long as America still knows music jazz clubs will always be around. These clubs have become a shrine to the greats who started jazz and help keep these greats close to the heart of America. So the next time someone asks you, "Where can I hear live jazz music?" You can say, "Just around the corner."

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