Saturday, February 11, 2012

True Jazz Music Devotees Archive Vinyl

Jazz has always been revered as a very colorful classification of music. You travel to another world when you listen to jazz. Jazz originated in New Orleans, LA in the early 1910s considerably due to the African-American residents. A combination of blues, ragtime, folk, and other types of music, jazz materialized as a kind of mimicry of European music of the age. Giving birth to numerous deviations over the years, jazz revolutionized the music stage in the south forever, employing brass, string, and percussion instruments.

Presently, there are a myriad of variations of jazz, differing from more seasoned styles like swing, big band, cool jazz, hard bop, and even more modern iterations such as jazz fusion and punk jazz, naming a few. The stylistic tone of jazz has evolved beside the rest of the music industry. Some would state that the mediums are opted for this very select breed of music, while others would argue that you can hear jazz on any platform. Jazz lovers admire their music, and vinyl is one of the chosen methods by which they enjoy it. You get more of an organic experience with vinyl than you do hearing music than you do with other mediums like CDs or on your digital media player. As another type of music, jazz has a power about it that can really be appreciated in more soulful ways.

Music lovers who amass jazz promote the platform of vinyl. It has such a vivid tone to it that when you listen to jazz vinyl, you really get an understanding of the atmosphere of the genre. When you understand it on vinyl, the resolute and distinctive feel you get from jazz cannot be ignored when you understand the distinction on other mediums, and you can better connect to the material and it really resonates the elements behind the music.

What other music platform could be played on the phonograph and transmit the same kind of feeling? For the past thirty years, DJs have been using vinyl to give a certain ambiance and edge to their art form, and even in the digital age, vinyl still stays true in their medium. When you listen to music on a vinyl LP, it engrosses you with a feeling of the past and appreciation for the genre that you don't gather anywhere else, and that also goes for jazz; its intense and striking sound can be experienced across many varying levels. Vinyl, like jazz, holds up and will never fully die, regardless of what music comes along in the future.

Music is a constant part of society, and it carries a lot of force. In amassing vinyl LPs, it backs the art form and helps keep music and the arts abundant. Defending the art form is all that matters, and these albums are works of art in of themselves that merit being heard the right way and acknowledged for decades to come for true-blue loyalists of jazz.

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